Practical Self Defense with Martial Arts Values
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Welcome to Woodall’s Self-Defense

Woodall’s Self-Defense in Loomis, CA specializes in realistic training for children and adults who desire reality-based self defense.

Woodall’s Self-Defense is an innovative, unique program designed to provide practical self-defense skills for real world situations in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.  You will learn physical skills for varying levels of confrontation, mental skills like focus, awareness, and boundary setting, and gain knowledge in the areas of avoidance, de-escalation, and legal and appropriate use of force.  Your children will learn safety and gain confidence on and off the playground.

Because of the scope of our training, our realistic approach, and the depth of knowledge of our instructors, Woodall’s has been honored to work with some truly wonderful people and organizations such as W.E.A.V.E., Courage to Be You, The Child Abuse Council, Peace for Families, UC Davis Pain Management Clinic, the State of California, and various churches, businesses, and other organizations.

WSD offers three types of training:  on-going classes for ages 7 and up, private lessons, and public workshops.  Group classes are offered on Tues/Thurs with a monthly tuition.  Group seminars (please see Programs/seminars page) range from 1.5 to 6 hours.  Included is our popular College Safety & Self Defense Course offered twice in summer to the general public and for teams/groups of four or more on demand all year.


 “Woodall’s is revolutionizing the way we think about personal safety.”   ~Style Magazine

9250 Cypress Street, Newcastle, CA 95658

Open Tues./Thurs.  Located in Old Town Newcastle, past the fire department.