Women’s Self Defense

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Woodall’s Self-Defense is Northern California’s premier school for providing realistic and practical self-defense training for teen and adult women. We are honored to be the only school chosen by W.E.A.V.E. (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) to conduct self-defense training for their staff and clients.

We offer a very unique and practical program for teen and adult women. Our program will give you the training and self-confidence to handle those potentially violent situations that women are constantly trying to avoid. Our program for women gives you valuable information and strategies on avoiding dating violence, date rape & date rape drugs, college campus assaults, stalkers, domestic violence, sexual assaults, and much more. You will develop the physical and mental strength you need if you ever find yourself fighting off an attack. Improve your fitness, flexibility, and stamina, all while learning life-saving skills.

Though there is no substitute for consistent training over a period of time, WSD also offers a COLLEGE SAFETY COURSE which is an intensive one-day class designed for women heading off to college, in college, or travelling over summer.  PRIVATE LESSONS and short seminars are also available.  For group classes, call 916.660.9311 for a free lesson.


This poem was inspired by the quote “Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out” by Karl A. Menninger, and by the training at Woodall’s Self-Defense and Fitness.

The Dedication of my Mind

The Dedication of my mind, Determination of my soul, The Desire of my heart, Which makes my training whole.


The learning comes in quickly and the practice comes in strong, though we all still carry on, as the night progresses long. The reason for my being here is uncertain still to me, but I feel as if this school of friends is more like family.


When I come here it’s a place where I can be myself and more; To grow and teach and learn and reach, leave memories at this floor. I strengthen and I grow each time I walk away, Holding lessons close so as to never go astray.


My life, my time, my body have been given to this place. It is my goal to never rest ‘til every person’s safe. And every single child that has come unto our school, Is one more person in this world helped not to be a fool.
And while I still have much to learn, much to teach and do, I am content with all I am and hope that you are, too.


Barbara J. R. Norman Sept./2008, age 15
“Lucky 13” Black Belt Class