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Saturday, May 20th in Wilton Ca.: 3 Hour SELF-DEFENSE:    –  9am-noon, $45    to register call 916.660.9311 or click the link at the top of the page.

The 3 hour Women’s Self Defense class is a hands-on, practical self defense workshop.  You will learn realistic techniques to fight off an attacker and gain valuable information on safety tips and predator psychology.  Please wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.


June 24th or July 22nd, 2017:  6 Hour COLLEGE SAFETY COURSE & SELF DEFENSE – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!    This is a summer class, but is offered on demand to groups throughout the year.

You may also request private courses, with 4 students minimum.  We may also do out of town seminars.  Call 916-660-9311 for information.

Open to women of all ages 13+.  This is an intensive, 6-hour, hands-on safety and self-defense class.  Though geared for young women who are heading off to or are in college, or travelling for the summer, it will be valuable to anyone.  EVERY woman should have the opportunity to gain these skills!  Includes practical safety information, discussion, and lots of physical training.  Mom’s – remember you are half price if you want to take this workshop with your daughter, and are welcome to watch at no cost!  And siblings get a 25% discount, too.

Please use PayPal with our email to pay with a credit card, as only checks or cash are acceptable on-site.  You may also mail a check.  Details on this course are under programs/seminars/college safety.  Save $50 with prepaid registration!

Mail checks to:  Woodall’s Self Defense, 3186 Kathy Way, Loomis, CA 95650 (mailing only)


July 29th, 2017:  Women’s Self Defense, 3 hour, from KALEIDOSCOPE    FOR THIS COURSE ONLY YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH SIERRA COLLEGE – CLICK HERE, then type “self defense” in the search box in the upper right corner.  9am-noon, $49

Violence against women has reached epidemic levels with a reported rape or sexual assault in the U.S. occurring once every 2 minutes. Statistics show that fighting back significantly increases your changes of avoiding a sexual assault. Perhaps, even more important than knowing how to fight off an attacker is learning the psychology behind these predators. This course will cover predator psychology, hands-on self-defense techniques, threat assessment and safety tips for women. Wear comfortable workout type clothes and tennis shoes. Appropriate for ages 13 and up.

Cost: $49    Location:  Woodall’s Self Defense, 9250 Cypress St., Newcastle, 95658 (NOT at Sierra College!)



This course is designed to help teach safety, awareness and physical self-defense skills to the running community. Our area has wonderful running trails and a large running population, many of whom have been shocked by recent attacks on runners over the past few years. While these are statistically rare we want you to have the tips and tools necessary to keep yourself safe while pursuing your passion. This course is specifically designed to discuss issues surrounding outdoor attacks while running. We will discuss strategies for both avoiding dangerous situations as well as how to deal with a spontaneous attack as it relates to the running community. Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes, and bring a hair tie for long hair. This is a hands-on safety and self-defense course.


T.B.A.   9am to 12 noon:  3 Hour Holiday Safety Seminar: Cost $45.00     This is a course that is only offered once a year in November. Please preregister by  online using the link above.

Along with holiday cheer the season also brings an unwanted trend, elevated criminal activity. In some cities, the two weeks following Christmas mark the highest rates of burglary all year. Rape and sexual assault also can spike due to the opportunities holiday parties can present to predators. Additionally, Robberies and home invasions see a spike during the holiday season.  This seminar will offer training, tips, strategies and tools to help you and your loved ones have a safe holiday season. We will discuss safe shopping strategies, parking lot safety, travel tips, robbery prevention tips and home defense ideas. Safety products can make a great stocking stuffer and we will partner with Robin Padilla from Damsels in Defense who will be there to discuss and demonstrate all of their great self-defense tools. Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes, and bring a hair tie for long hair. This is a hands-on safety and self-defense course.

Please use PayPal with our email to pay with a credit card, as only checks or cash are acceptable on-site.

Mail checks to:  Woodall’s Self Defense, P.O. Box 1084, Newcastle, CA 95658 (mailing only)