College Safety Course

Woodall’s Self-Defense holds the College Safety Course for the public once a year in summer. Please see our CALENDAR for the next date, or to register. You may also call to request a class for a minimum of eight students.  Schools and teams should call for team event pricing available throughout the year.

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A dynamic training course for women who want to enter college with the confidence to handle more than just their midterms.

This 6-hour training course is indispensable for young women heading off into the adult world.  Participants will leave with a valuable information and suggestions for follow-up.  The class is divided into two sections with a brief intermission for lunch (pizza lunch with soda is provided, or you may bring your own):


  • Dating Violence                    Red Flags, Date Rape, Date Rape Drugs
  • Stalking                                  Domestic vs. Stranger, Characteristics of, Methods, Risk Factors, Response to
  • Dorms  & Fraternities          Learn what no one tells you about Frats and Dorm Life
  • Abduction                             Avoidance, Escape, Discussion of Current Events
  • Threat Assessment              Discussion
    • Intuition
    • Victim Language


  • Stance and Balance             Practical, common sense preparation            
  • Blocks                                     Defend yourself against being hit
  • Strikes                                    Use your entire body as a weapon
  • Vehicle Assault                     What to do if you are being forced into a vehicle
  • Techniques                           Defend against common attacks and strike back to escape
  • Ground / Floor                     Use your core strengths to fight off any size attacker from the ground, floor, couch
  • Discouragement                   The difference between a pushy date and a violent one – you can deal with both!
  • And…
  • Drills                                       You’ve learned it, you’ve practiced it – now can you respond under pressure?

sd csc2aWho Should Attend:  Though the presentation part of the course is designed to specifically address safety issues of dorm and college campus life, it is valuable to ANY woman age 13+, including those travelling for summer or who are still in high school.

To Register:  Call 208.416.7019 or use  

To Request a Class:  Yes, you can request your own class if you have a minimum guaranteed amount of eight students attending!

Schools and Districts:  Schools who wish to host or sponsor this course should call to discuss available space and team/group pricing.

To Watch a Class or Attend as a Parent:  Parents may participate in the class at half price.  You are also encouraged to watch the course and to attend the beginning presentation at no cost.

sd csc2bWhat to Wear:  Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes, and a tie for long hair. Bring water.

Availability:  The course is offered on a limited basis each spring and during summer.  Classes at our location fill up at 24 students.  Walk-ins are accepted if there is room available.  Registration is strongly encouraged, and there is a substantial discount for prepaid registration.

Requirements:  This course is for women ages 13+.  There will be some offensive language and strong terms used for realistic demonstration and discussion purposes.  Tennis shoes and comfortable clothing are needed.  If you have a younger daughter who you think should attend, please call and we can discuss it.

Time Frame:  This single day intensive course is taught from 9:00am-3:00pm, with a short lunch break from 11:30 to noon.  At our location we provide a pizza lunch for attendees (no charge).

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Tuition and Available Discounts

$299    Regular cost, including walk-ins if there is room available.

$249    Discounted price for pre-paid registration. Tuition must be received 8 days in advance.  If this is a problem, call to discuss.  Refunds are issued for cancellations up to 15 days prior to the course time.  No-shows may use prepaid registration for a different course or curriculum offered.

a front page csc17-25%    The second sibling receives a 25% discount

-50%    Third (and more) siblings receive a 50% discount.

-50%    Parents may participate at half price.

Free     Parents may watch the course at no cost.

Contact:                   Conrad Woodall, (208) 416-7019 or

Mailing Address:    PO Box 2306, Post Falls, Idaho 83877 (Checks payable to Woodall’s Self Defense.)

Class Location:       9250 Cypress Street, Newcastle, CA 95658

Register / Pay:        Please go to our registration page

Cancellations: Pre-payments for the College Safety Course are refundable up to 15 days before the class. After that they are non-refundable but may be applied toward any other tuition for classes or seminars. Payments for regular seminars are fully refundable up to 5 days before the date of the seminar. Sierra College seminars have their cancellation policy online at the site where you register.

Credentials:  The College Safety Course is taught by Mr. Conrad Woodall, usually assisted by instructors.

csc8 cropped longWoodall’s Self-Defense is the premier school for practical, real-world self-defense skills for children, teens, and adults.  WSD is the gender & socialization education and the physical defense provider for W.E.A.V.E., Stand Up Placer, and Courage House. Mr. Woodall has appeared on TV and radio, and as a presenter to private companies, large corporations and public/private schools as a personal safety expert.

Conrad Woodall has a Master’s Degree in forensic psychology and a Bachelor’s in philosophy, is retired from teaching Criminal Psychology at Heald College, is a retired officer and defense instructor from the Sacramento Police Department, and has over 20 years experience in various martial arts.

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Team building!

Team building!

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