Seminars & Speaking Engagements

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WSD offers a variety of fun and challenging seminars ranging from two hours to consecutive days.  Each seminar is tailored to fit the requirements of the attendees, and can be held on-site or at your location.  Mr. Woodall also offers lectures for groups who want safety information but not hands-on training.

To learn more about available seminars or request a seminar or engagement please call us at (208) 416-7019.


DAMSEL IN DEFENSE VENDOR TRAINING – Please see the Damsel page for training on products and self-defense education.

COLLEGE SAFETY COURSEplease see our page about this csc2bsd csc2a
A dynamic 6-hour course. Topics include college rape statistics, legal definitions and explanations, stalking, threat assessment and avoidance, victim selection processes, criminal profiling, and self-defense training.

This course covers both physical education and awareness training for women from all walks of life. The course can be tailored to fit the circumstances of the students (educators, social services, physicians, etc.)

SD Seminar

Topics Include:
Statistical Data
Legal Definitions & Explanations
Threat Assessment and Avoidance
Rape / Date Rape Drugs
Cycle of Violence / Male Violence against Women
Self-Defense Training

This is a typically a 3 hour basic introductory course to self-defense, but can be expanded to a larger timeframe to cover more details and increased physical self-defense training. Attendees will discover why it is so vital for a woman in today’s society to have some self-defense training, and will be given an opportunity to learn some quick and effective strikes and maneuvers.

RUNNER’S SAFETY COURSE  This course is designed to help teach safety, awareness and physical self-defense skills to the running community. With wonderful running trails and a large running population, many have been shocked by recent attacks on runners over the past few years. While these are statistically rare we want you to have the tips and tools necessary to keep yourself safe while pursuing your passion. This course is specifically designed to discuss issues surrounding outdoor attacks while running. We will discuss strategies for both avoiding dangerous situations as well as how to deal with a spontaneous attack as it relates to the running community. Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes, and bring a hair tie for long hair. This is a hands-on safety and self-defense course.


ACTIVE SHOOTER:  This training will give you survival tools tailored to specific environments.

SCHOOL DISTRICT EDUCATION:  Specific training for schools and district staff members on campus safety.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

RAPE & STALKING:  Topics include statistical data, criminal profiling, legal definitions and explanations, threat assessment and avoidance, victim selection processes, and self-defense training.

PARENT’S PROGRAM:  This class focuses on dispelling the myths of child protection that most parents have heard (ex: Stranger Danger!) and gives parents real answers on how to keep their children safe from predators and child molesters while creating a healthy, positive outlook in their youngsters.

CHILD’S SAFETY FUN:  This upbeat, non fear-based program is taught to children so that they will have a better understanding of the ways in which sexual predators gain their trust. Tailored for the age group. The seminar also consists of self-defense training.

STREET FIGHTING AND THE LAW:  Topics include statistical data, case law and legal definitions, civil liability, and self-defense training.

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