Damsel in Defense Vendor Training

Woodall’s is a proud partner with Damsel in Defense. Damsel in Defense has established itself as producer of innovative, high quality self-defense products. Damsel is a company committed to humanitarian efforts as evidenced by their establishment of safe homes for survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia and India. Woodall’s Self-Defense is committed to helping Damsel in Defense in both their humanitarian efforts to help survivors and their mission to equip, empower, and educate women to protect themselves and their families. 

We have been offering a number of educational and hands-on training courses for product vendors since 2013. Mr. Woodall covers training in tactical carry, concealment and deployment strategies based on realistic violence-based situational self-defense training (see course list below). Mr. Woodall uses his knowledge and experience in criminology, victimology, forensic psychology and law enforcement to help you understand how to use your product line in real world encounters. 

Let us help you get inspired with a deeper knowledge of your excellent products, answer your questions, have some fun together, and reach your goal of improving the lives of women everywhere.

Kubaton Seminar: Learn the basics of how to carry and deploy your kubaton in a self-defense situation. Basic striking methodology and theories for using the kubaton as a leveraging device to create space will be covered. 

Advanced Kubaton Seminar: This course builds on the fundamentals and covers more advanced applications. You’ll learn how to apply your kubaton in ground attack situations and against a variety of common attacks (completion of Kubaton Seminar recommended prior to enrollment). 

Stun Gun Seminar: Learn the basics of how to carry and deploy your stun devices. Basic stun gun application and theories for using the device to create space will be covered. Strategies for how to maximize the stun guns impact will be discussed and trained.  

Pepper Spray Seminar: Learn the basics of how to carry and deploy your pepper spray in a self-defense situation. Basic spraying techniques and theories for deploying pepper spray will be covered in detail with an emphasis on environmental considerations such as windy conditions, confined spaces (elevator/bathroom) or multiple opponents (students will be required to bring inert spray to practice drawing and deploying in a live drill).

Advanced Multi-tool Training Seminar: Emphasis is on Multi-tool deployment and transitioning between tools. Learn how to use your kubaton in conjunction with a stun gun or pepper spray. Additional topics will include multiple opponent scenarios. 

Personal Self-Defense: This course will teach you what to do if you are attacked before you can deploy your product. Emphasis in this course is placed on handling common attack situations like rear chokes, hair grabs, and bear hugs. The focus in this course is to learn how to break out of various grabs and create the space needed for tactical deployment of your product line.  

Ground Defense Seminar: This course will teach you what to do if you find yourself on the ground with a bigger heavier opponent. The emphasis on this course will be physical hands-on self-defense training that will teach you how to create space so you can transition yourself from the ground back up to your feet where you can safely deploy your product line.