About Us

In February of 2002, Mr. Conrad Woodall opened his first self-defense school in Newcastle, California. His intention was to create a unique training program unlike anything available.

Mr. Woodall relied heavily on his experience as street police officer, education in Forensic Psychology, and his work with sexual assault survivors to develop a system of self-defense that was based first and foremost on practical, realistic training and education for real world violent encounters.

For eighteen years Woodall’s Self-Defense provided this quality training every week to children, teens and adults. In that time, 42 people earned their black belt after completing a rigorous training regimen that culminated in a 30 hours-straight black belt test.

In addition to running a full time school, Mr. Woodall was heavily involved in providing empowerment training to survivors of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and intimate partner violence, building partnerships with multiple survivor agencies across California.

In 2020, Mr. Woodall and his staff of instructors decided it was time to take the show on the road. In order to focus more on our seminar programs, we closed our weekly self-defense school.

Woodall’s Self-Defense is now committed to developing partnerships to spread the valuable safety training and education we offer beyond Northern California. To this end, Mr. Woodall has partnered with Damsel in Defense to help provide training and education to complement their outstanding self-defense product line of personal safety tools. Damsel in Defense is committed to equip, empower and educate women across the country. They are on the front lines of fighting sex trafficking by providing safe houses for survivors in Cambodia and India and Woodall’s is committed to helping them further this mission any way we can.


Mission StatementThe mission of Woodall’s Self-Defense is to improve the quality and safety of our communities by providing practical self-defense training with martial arts values.
Woodall’s Pledge to Their StudentsWe pledge to provide modern and realistic approaches to training that are necessary for developing the mental and physical edge to defend yourself or your family from the type of violence that plagues our suburbs and cities.  We will continue to research topical crime and violence trends and integrate new training procedures so our students are receiving current and up-to-date instruction that corresponds directly to the violence in our society.



For a “real life” example of the validity of reality-based self-defense, please refer to the following article by Conrad Woodall: What We Can Learn From The Death of Kickboxing Legend Alex Gong

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