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Mr. Ketan Ranchhod, Firearms Instructor, 916-303-3746

NRA Certified Instructor

Ketan V. Ranchhod has been a firearms instructor for WSD since 2005. Born in Zambia, Africa, he attended boarding in school in England, where his interest in firearms led him to become the Regimental Sergeant Major of the school’s Cadet Corps. In this capacity he instructed cadets in the safe and proper use of firearms. He completed his degree in the USA, and is very proud to be an American. He is a nationally certified safety officer, and continues his education in the real world use of firearms. Ketan’s unique experiences around the world not only allow him explain the fundamentals of firearms training but also teach the responsibilities, duties, and mindset required to ethically employ a firearm. As the legendary late Jeff Cooper said, “One is no more armed because he owns a gun than one is a musician because he owns a piano.”

As an instructor, Ketan is able to help students weed their way through unhelpful gun shop commando advice, and move them to a deep appreciation of firearms weaponcraft. He regularly competes in defensive pistol competitions and is quick to acknowledge the competitions are games. The fundamental skills you learn at a good firearms school will enable you to better prevail in a fight for one of your most precious possessions – your life.

To contact Ketan directly for firearms related questions or training please call 916-303-3746.

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